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    For information regarding THA programs, please see the department and staff listing below or call (850) 385-6126 and the applicable extension.

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Contact THA

For information regarding Tallahassee Housing Authority programs, please see the department and staff listings below or call (850) 385-6126 and the applicable extension.
  • Executive Office

    Brenda Williams Executive Director (850)385-6126 ext. 304
    Tiffany Rosier Administrative Assistant (850)385-6126 ext. 315
  • Finance

    Johanna Wheeler Accountant I (850)385-6126 ext. 308
    Charlayne Whitaker Accountant I (850)385-6126 ext. 311
    Candice Jefferson Senior Accountant (850)205-1678 ext. 310
  • Maintenance

    Kenneth Jones Maintenance Supervisor (Pinewood Place) (850) 385-9539
    David Danzy Maintenance Supervisor (Orange Avenue) (850) 656-9033
  • Public Housing

    Joan Doby Director of Asset Management (850)385-6126 ext. 305
    Wilford Evans Site Manager - Orange Avenue (850) 878-7684
    Debra Taylor Site Manager-Pinewood Place (850) 201-9467
    Angela McKinnon Asst. Site Manager-Orange Avenue (850) 878-7684
    Melonie Smith Asst. Site Manager-Pinewood Place (850) 385-9539
    Veronica Gillette Public Housing Inspector (850)385-6126 ext. 320
    Derotha Jones Public Housing Specialist (850)385-6126 ext. 316
    Mary Holmes FSS Coordinator 850-385-6126 ext.328
  • THA Community Centers

    Sylvester Taylor Resident Programs Coordinator-Terry Fregley Community Center (850) 201-0944
  • Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8)

    Tawana Thompson Director of Housing Choice Voucher (850)385-6126 ext. 313
    Faye Wester Administrative Assistant (850)385-6126 ext. 327
    Karen Anderson HCV & Portability Specialist (850)385-6126 ext. 331
    Karradiene Baker HCV/Special Programs Specialist (850)385-6126 ext. 323
    Sonia Coleman HCV Waitlist & Operations Coordinator (850)385-6126 ext. 306
    Clarence Pittman Fraud Investigator, Quality Control Specialist (850)385-6126 ext. 317
    Shawanza Turner HCV/Self Sufficiency Specialist (850)385-6126 ext. 330
    Steve Taylor HQS Inspections Supervisor (850)385-6126 ext. 319
    William (Bubba) Ferrell HQS Inspector (850)385-6126 ext. 321
    Jeff Green HQS Inspector (850)385-6126 ext. 320

Note to Landlords: Rental Listings must be resubmitted every 60 days.



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Both the Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) waiting lists are closed and THA is not accepting applications for these programs.  Before the waiting list is scheduled to reopen, notice will be provided to the publi


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